IMPACT Church Project, Scottsdale, AZ

In a change from our standard format, Global Commissioned Builders was blessed to join with our partner church, IMPACT Church of Scottsdale, AZ, to make improvements at their new facility.  Located in an outdoor mall, the 58,000 square foot facility needed to be completely redone.  The front was completely torn down and GCB did the foundation work along with the anchor bolts and the structural  steel.  After the erection of all the structural steel, (three semi’s worth) we furnished and installed the front glass and door materials. GCB furnished all of the structural steel for the platform, including large I beams to open up the stage area.  IMPACT Church are dear friends to Global Commissioned Builders and we were so happy to be able to help them with this project.


Yurimaguas, Peru

A Gateway to the Amazon


Global Commissioned Builders is partnering with Impact Church (Scottsdale, AZ) and missionaries Mike & Sonja Trei to build training centers and improve facilities in key areas of the Peruvian Amazon.  In July 2019, GCB Founder, Ken Driscoll, and Impact Church Missions Coordinator, Randy Phillips visited Mike & Sonja in Yurimaguas to see first hand what Team Huallaga is doing to enhance the lives of those living in the Jungle.  This exploratory trip led to a partnership in several areas:



In November 2019, a group from Impact Church traveled to Peru in order to replace an existing wood-framed tin roof with a slanted steel-framed roof.  Earlier that year, the church added a second story to the back half of its property.  This additional space would be used primarily for children’s activities but would also be additional meeting space for other church ministries.  In order to make the space usable, the design called for a single sided sloped roof.  The church’s location within the city and proximity to existing structures made the installation a little challenging, but the team was able to complete the project.



The Yurimaguas Training Center is in the initial stages of construction and encompasses approximately 100 acres of land in a small community outside Yurimaguas.  Planned development includes dormitories; open-air dining facility with industrial kitchen; classrooms; and outdoor activity areas (like hiking trails, ponds, etc).  The property will be used for children and youth camps and other activities; pastoral training; retreats; and other church events.  


GCB furnished materials and labor to build the center’s main reception building/caretakers quarters, which the November team got partially up. At that time, a second trip was planned for April 2020 to put up the first dormitory and tabernacle.  Because the land is undeveloped, GCB and our partner, Impact Church, provided funding for cutting and working a road from the camp entry point to the new build site.  Due to COVID-19, the build was postponed and is now slated for June 2021.



In addition to the Yurimaguas Training Center, Team Huallaga has a secondary training center up-river in a community that sits on the boarder of indigenous communities.  This training center is primarily used for jungle pastors conferences.  The number of pastors attending these communities has greatly increased which led to a need for expansion.  GCB provided funding to purchase an adjoining piece of property which will give room to build dormitories and classrooms.




Global Commissioned Builders has joined Mission Experience in building boys and girls dorms for the future leaders of Haiti.  Not only will they find clothing, food, and shelter here, they will also learn about Jesus and the unique calling He has placed on each of their lives.


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KISUMU and BONDO - Kenya

Global Commissioned Builders supports construction of a school building for Salem Ministries that includes temporary dorms for boys, a septic system and latrines. We’ve been able to give 3,500 text books and 900 Nokero Solar lights. Through a strategic partnership with Convoy of Hope, we have also supplied 285,000 meals for the students. In an effort to address the needs of the large population of widows, we’ve donated land to 200 women, enabling them to farm the land, feed their families, and generate income. The need for basic utilities in this rural area prompted us to deliver electricity to the Bondo Farm as well as fencing for the property and pumps to supply water from Lake Victoria. Our board continues to consider further partnership opportunities with Salem Ministries and the communities of Kisumu and Bondo.


The King will reply, “I tell you the truth, whatever you did for one of the least of these brothers of mine, you did for me”  Matthew 25: 40


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