MANZINI - Swaziland

Global Commissioned Builders supplied 5 buildings to the Luke Commission for use in their medical mission to combat AIDS. We were there to raise 2 buildings, poured 3 other foundations and erected 1 frame for other teams to complete.


Partnered with Convoy of Hope and Mission of Hope to build a 38,000 square foot food warehouse and distribution center.



Joined MAPS in the construction of a 2 story building for Sunday school rooms that included steel reinforcement and concrete deck work.

SANTO DOMINGO - Dominican Republic

A team from Radiant Church construced a church/community hurricane shelter. This project included the installation of reinforced steel and a concrete roof.


ATHENS- Greece

Assisted MAPS in renovating the 6th floor of an existing building for use as a church sanctuary.  



ABILENES - El Salvador

Partnered with ENLACE to provide medical clinics, clean water system, latrines, and bridges so kids can get to school.




The Large scale project for Hope House Children's Home included:

  • Excavation of land

  • 3,500 square foot storage barn

  • 3 bedroom home

  • Water well

  • Foundations, frame, roofs and infrastructure for 3 dorm houses

  • Electricity brought to the site

  • Perimeter block walls and fencing




Partnered with Radiant Church and MAPS to add a second story to a local church.  



Partnered with MAPS to construct a new church building.


JUAREZ - Mexico

Assisted Radiant Church and MAPS in adding a second story to a church building.

DAVID - Panama

Father-Son teams renovated a roof and ceilings of a local Bible College.



Partnered with MAPS to expand a local Bible College building for class rooms.



A ministry that is close to the heart of many, Teen Challenge was the beneficiary of dorms, partitions added to each room, and paint upgrades to thier buildings.


TEPLICE- Czech Republic

This MAPS trip provided Teen Challenge with a second story addition that was used for class rooms.


PITESTI- Romania

Assisted AG Eastern European Missions in the construction of a 3 story orphanage dorm and medical facility.  


OSIJEK- Croatia

Partnered with a local Bible College in the demolition of condemned housing and the addition of dorms.  



WINDHOEK - Namibia

Assisted a local church in a second story addition to their building. 


LEMON - Venezuela


Several teams from across the US have been part of the large scale construction of Samuels House children's home. The project started in 2005 and ran through 2013 with structures that include:

  • 10,000 square foot multi-purpose building for church and school library, apartments, Sunday School rooms, medical clinic, dental clinic, kitchen, gym, office, storage and team showers and restrooms

  • Sewing center and apartment

  • 4,800 square foot lodge for teams and retreats with an industrial scale kitchen and swimming pool

  • 2 barns, 3,300 square feet and 2,000 square feet

  • Green house

  • Covered play ground

  • 8 houses for up to 100 kids and house parents