I'd Like to go but what about...



  1. What kinds of work will I do with GCB? 
    Our ministry’s focus is to build, so construction work will be the focus of all trips. Be prepared to do physical work, outdoors, during your day.  Keep this in mind when packing; a hat, sun screen, water bottle, appropriate clothing, etc.


  2. Is there a minimum or maximum age to serve with GCB? 
    For safety reasons, we require a minimum age of 13 years old. Parents, you know the maturity level and physical strength of your children.  Use your discretion between 13 and 18 years of age. As to maximum age, we welcome a multi-generational worksite!  If you are up to the task, we’ll put you to work!


  3. Do I need to be skilled in construction? 
    There are varying skill levels needed for our projects. We are confident that we can find a task for everyone who joins our team. All you need is a teachable spirit and a willingness to jump in!


  4. Can we serve as a family?  
    We would love to have your family (those 13 and older) join us on a construction trip. Keep in mind that while every effort will be made to lodge family members together, there is a possibility of separation by sexes if facilities will not accommodate a private room. 


  5. Can our church send a team? 
    YES!  Please have your Senior, Missions, or Youth Pastor contact to discuss your group joining GCB!


  6. Can our youth group send a team?
    YES! Please have your Senior, Missions, or Youth Pastor contact to discuss your group joining GCB.

  7. What is the cost of a construction trip? 
    Our destination and length of stay will determine final cost, but airfare, in country food, lodging, and insurance are all included into the cost of a trip.


  8. How long does a trip last? 
    There are occasionally variations, but the typical trip will last 7 to 14 days.


  9. Will I be able to contact home? 
    That will depend on the service and technology available at our destination. The best way to leave things with those at home is ‘no news is good news.’ That will help ease anxiety for all involved if communication is not possible for an extended period of time. In the event of an emergency, Global Commissioned Builders has a plan in place for both outgoing and incoming communications. 


  10. What do I pack? 
    A packing list is provided HERE.

  11. What do I wear? 
    Your team leader will communicate the specifics on what is appropriate attire for social and church activities, the climate, culture, and work site.  Bring comfortable walking shoes. For the construction site be sure to have a hat, work gloves, work shoes, knee pads, and safety glasses.


  12. Should I bring spending cash or credit cards? 
    It is a good idea to have one credit card as well as cash. Your travel, in-country meals, and lodging are all covered in the cost of your trip.  You may, however, wish to purchase meals at airports or souvenirs if there is an outing that includes shopping. Your specific trip will be outlined before your departure so you will have a good idea at what your time away will look like. Any cash or credit cards should be carefully guarded and carried close to your body in a front pocket or money belt; NEVER a fanny pack.     


  13. Do I need to be immunized?  
    While there are times it is not required, we recommend that you keep current with all recommended immunizations associated with the country to which you plan to travel. For a complete list of recommendations visit, or your local health department. There is usually a charge for these, be sure to ask about the cost of immunizations (not covered by GCB) when you make an appointment so you can be prepared.

  14. Where will I be staying? 
    We usually stay in a hotel close to our projects or in a lodge provided by our hosts.  All lodging is included in your trip cost and you will be provided the specifics in advance of departure.


  15. Will we get to interact with those we are serving?  
    While our days are carefully planned to get the greatest amount of productivity, we will always set aside time, when appropriate, to interact with the communities our projects will benefit.  There is tremendous value in taking time to get to know the children housed in the orphanages, the healthcare workers who will serve in the medical centers, or the workers who will distribute food to the needy.


  16. I am not a Christian, am I still welcome to join the team? 
    Yes!  We are a ministry and our faith drives what we do.  But we do not believe that we own the exclusive rights to helping others.  We ask that you be respectful of our hosts and those on the team who are believers (as they are also expected to show you the same courtesy). If you do not wish to participate in an activity or church service, and it is not a security risk for you to be alone, please feel free to decline and enjoy some down time.


  17. Who’s the boss? 
    We are all there to work as a team. However, it is important for one or two people to be accountable to our hosts, make decisions, and to direct the team in their activities. Please look to the team leaders and present all concerns and questions directly to them. They may have information that others do not and will be operating with the ‘big picture’ in mind.


  18. What can I do to fight jetlag?
    Click HERE for helpful tips!


  19. Will I need a passport? 
    Yes!  If our project is out of the country (most are) you need a valid passport that has at least 6 months left before it expires. For passport application and information click HERE.